Fachschaftsvertretung Philosophische Fakultät I

    Workshop für Studierende des MA English-Speaking Cultures im Wintersemester 16/17


    Ankündigung Workshop für Master Studierende

    Prof. Shoba Venkatesh Gosh

     (Mumbai University)


    "Nation, Community and the Aporias of Gendered Resistance: Reading some Indian literary and cinematic texts" 

    Locating itself within the broad domain of postcolonial gender studies, the workshop will be an exploration into gendered discourses of nation and community in India as well as alternative cinematic and literary cartographies that deterritorialise and remap nation and community from the fringes. Such a context-specific investigation is designed to lead to larger conversations about nationalist/communal imaginaries, gender, and issues of representation on other locations. To engage with gender as interpenetrative with the social scripts of class, caste, religion or ethnicity, is to vex questions of gender and resistance. This calls for a rigorous and rooted analysis of the interplay between the text’s formal (‘literary’ or ‘cinematic’) elements, its historicity, the ideological ensemble and contradictions that it is webbed with, and the social processes that mediate its meanings and our readings. The texts that will be taken up for discussion are some iconic Indian short stories and a recent film that revisits the Partition of India.


    Freitag, den 28.10.2016

    09:00 – 17:00 Uhr c.t.

    ZHSG 2.005



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